Besides universal sustainable tourism advice, Uluntu Africa provides a range of different business services and solutions, from sustainability audits and assistance with the certification process of e.g. Fair Trade in Tourism, to content writing & editing and social media development & management.

Our consultants will sit down with you first and foremost to establish your exact needs and design a tailored sustainable solution for your particular business. Assignments can be agreed on a short-term, ongoing long-term, or even ad hoc basis.

Below you will find some further details on some of the more common business services and solutions we offer.

Sustainability audit


With growing pressures on natural resources, rising business overheads, and customers expectations of more responsible & authentic travel experiences, sustainability is no longer a nice to have for businesses. Whether you want to start greening your business or are working towards e.g. Fair Trade in Tourism certification, we offer business sustainability audits fully tailored to your needs.
  • Environmental on-site audits, including energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and local & green procurement performances. Based on outcomes of baseline audit, a plan for implementation of (further) environmental and office greening initiatives with achievable targets will be recommended.
  • Business practice & HR audits, including compliance with legal business requirements, fair work practices and fair supplier chain relationships. Areas of non-compliance will be identified and corrective measures suggested.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility audits, including evaluating interests & passions of team members, identifying key practical CSR partnerships, and exploring a realistic CSR budget. Recommendations can also be made to potential in-kind contributions, including tangible participation in CSR projects by team members on an on-going basis.
  • Sustainability mentoring, including planning, guidance, and preparing businesses for triple bottom line operation using South Africa National Minimum Standards on Responsible Tourism and certification processes, in particular for Fair Trade in Tourism certification.

Travel Trends


Travel trends are shifting all the time and keeping up with these changes can be challenging, but essential to keep your business current and healthy. We make sure you are always in tune with the latest trends.
  • While comfort, service, and exclusivity continue to play an important role in luxury travel, new elements, such as a growing desire for authenticity, experiential travel, and sustainability are acquiring increased importance.
  • People will continue to travel and although sustainability is often not a key purchase criteria, travellers are looking for “less guilty” options.
  • Travellers want to experience a destination like a local. The concept is simple, if a place (city, region, country) has good sustainability practices in place for its residents, it becomes a more desirable destination for its visitors.

Fair Trade Tourism


Many authors writing for an English language audience are non-native English speakers and require assistance with finalizing documents that they intend to publish. This can include scientific & technical reports, market surveys, business statements and other written reports. As a native English speakers and writers with many years experience in preparing documents for academic and technical audiences, we can provide this service to meet your deadlines and format style.

Our English-language editing service can also be tailored to meet the needs of your specific target audience or journal format. We can help new and inexperienced authors avoid common publication pitfalls, adopt good English writing practices, and submit publication-ready manuscripts to international journals.

Social Media


Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and review sites, play a major role in travel planning for most people around the world and are key sources of information for tourists before, during, and after their trips. Nobody can afford to lag behind however many businesses struggle to find the resources and expertise to keep up with this fast changing digital landscape. Hence we offer the following:
  • Facebook and Twitter registration & page set up, including page branding.
  • Facebook and Twitter community & following building and creation of social media calendar.
  • Daily Facebook and Twitter management (min of 5 tweets/day and min of 5 FB updates/week).
  • Set up of a customised blog with company branding in WordPress, including static pages.
  • Blog ghost writing and editing.

Fair Trade Tourism


Our long experience in writing for academic, technical, and business audiences, as well as providing content for websites and blogs, enables us to provide a range of written content suited to your individual needs.

We can write educational or technical materials, where an in-depth subject knowledge must be demonstrated or web content designed to be scan-read and benefiting from appropriate keywords.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and meeting the specific needs of the end-user. Outsourcing these services to us allows your businesses to focus on core competencies and to benefit from the specialized knowledge of our professional copy writing services.