Community Tourism Development Project

Community Initiatives FTTSA / NDA Development Project - A couple of weeks ago we met with the beneficiaries of the “Strengthening Community Tourism for Sustainable Local Economic Development” project. This 24-month project was designed to strengthen six community tourism initiatives in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, funded by the National Development Agency (NDA) of South Africa, and supported and facilitated by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) and Abang Africa.

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The Darling Stagger Slack Packing Trail

Earlier this month (July 2011) the Cape West Coast Trails were launched within the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve (CWCBR). The CWCBR, with the West Coast National Park at its centre, is one of the 6 UNESCO recognised Biosphere Reserves in South Africa.

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The wild side of Cape Point Nature Reserve

How ironic that just a few hundred metres from one of the most iconic and heavily touristed locations on the African continent are some of its most deserted and beautifully wild beaches.

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Favourite Five - Slackpacking trails in Southern Africa

This is the second edition in our Favourite Five series - a selection of our personal favourite new experiences, destinations, places of interests, and anything fun and exciting that we came across during recent site visits, educationals, holidays or weekend getaways.

Today’s Favourite Five - The best slackpacking trails (with a difference) in Southern Africa.

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Wine, walking and wide open spaces

I was fortunate enough to be invited to sample the Green Mountain Trail recently and despite some wet weather was delighted to have discovered this unique activity. The trail is a collaboration between various accommodation owners, local guides and the regions wine farms. The combination of guided trails through spectacular mountain scenery and evening wine tastings with local winemakers works perfectly. What makes the trail even more interesting is the excellent conservation and community involvement that is implemented along each stage of the route.

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