Cape Town Green Map receives a Golden Leaf Award

Announcing the award, Golden Trash Awards state: “Cape Town Green Map has joined the Green Map movement – a community of over four thousand local green living sites around the world. Cape Town Green Map is powered by Open Green Map, an interactive mapmaking tool.”

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Stop Litter Campaign - Kalk Bay & St James

As you know, every festive season our beautiful beaches and tidal pools in Kalk Bay & St James attract many beach users and holidaymakers. Unfortunately the increased number of visitors also means an increase in the amount of litter, plastic bags and bottles that is left behind on our beaches, parks and roads on a daily basis. This waste, if not collected in time, blows out to sea and pollute our oceans, and could ultimately contribute to increasingly growing giant floating garbage “islands” similar to the one that currently exists in the Great Pacific Gyre

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African Relish - the art of preserving

Paul and I were recently invited to join one of African Relish’s weekend cookery courses. Wanting to visit the Karoo town of Prince Albert for quite a while and being intrigued by the African Relish set up, we set off for the 400 odd kilometer journey along the N1. Not the most varied route, but I find the monotony of the Karoo fascinating – endless space and emptiness. Born and bred in the small area that we call Holland space is a luxury.

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